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Horserace Politics Roundup

. The Oprah factor: Only 1% of Democrats polled say Oprah would make them more likely to vote for Obama, while 14% say they’d be less likely. But 44% say Bubba would make them more likely to vote for Hillary, while 7% say they’d be less likely to do so.

. The National Review endorses Romney. Because what, Alex Trebek is under the weather?

. Jason Linkins thinks Lawrence O’Donnell is nuts for saying Mitt Romney needs to address questions about his Mormon faith and their wee bit of a race problem. Pat Buchanan, unsurprisingly, can’t grasp that there’s a issue here. New Gallup poll says that more than one in six Americans won’t vote for a Mormon.

. David Yepsen says Iowans are worried about out-of-state voters, particularly Republicans who fear "Ron Paul’s over-caffeinated backers." Meanwhile, Bowers packs his bags.

. Clinton goes negative on Obama’s admission of cocaine use. Personally I don’t want to elect some pill gobbling freak but I’m delighted that a politician can and will admit to having lived a life before they entered politics, hell I’m happy they even had one. And given how stupid that whole "didn’t inhale" thing played out, you think the Clinton campaign wouldn’t want to go there. Oh well, it’s not like the Republicans wouldn’t mention it, maybe they’re doing him a favor so he can claim it’s "old news" on down the road.

. Obama goes negative on Edwards. The Clinton campaign is lowering expectations about Iowa, but are they so low that Obama now sees Edwards as the rival he needs to fend off?

. As Huckabee surges, Rudy sinks like a stone — losing nine points nationwide in the past month, according to ABC/Washington Post. Romney peeled a few points from His Brittleness, too.

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