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Another Union Fires Strike Busting Consultant Chris Lehane

lehane_2.jpgYesterday SEIU local 99 in Los Angeles fired Chris Lehane as a result of his decision to work as a strike buster for the AMPTP against the WGA.

They just sent a statement to Markos:

Change to Win had a general consulting contract with Chris Lehane. That contract was terminated upon discovery of his role supporting the studios in the writers guild strike. As you know, Change to Win and its affiliates stand solidly behind the writers in their struggle for fairness, so we did not think twice about this decision.

Lehane clearly sees himself working for companies that need someone to spin their way through corporate greed and unsafe working conditions. It’s really great to see unions hanging together to hold him accountable for the amorality of these relationships and kick him over to the corporatist side of the aisle where he belongs.

You can send an email to the network executives in charge of your favorite shows and tell them to return to the negotiating table here.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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