And the Clenis shall have dominion over the Clagina…

The return of President Mandingo

In an otherwise ignored column in the Wall Street Journal, Sally Bedell Smith worries that Bill Clinton is using Hillary Clinton as a beard so that he can become president again and get back on the blow job gravy train:

While Mr. Clinton’s return to the West Wing wouldn’t directly violate the 22nd Amendment–designed to limit a president to two terms in office–it has significant implications because of the unusual nature of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage, which is such a deeply entwined political duopoly that "it has always been hard to distinguish who played what role," according to their longtime friend Mickey Kantor.

Many voters, especially Democrats, would welcome Mr. Clinton’s experience as a great asset to his wife’s administration. But given the Clintons’ long history of close consultation, their partnership could end up distorting the way the executive branch is supposed to function–regardless of the talents each of them might bring to the White House.

Leaving aside for the moment the traditional assessment of Hillary Clinton as a castrating she-bitch intent on world domination, free to establish the United Federation of Lesbian Vince Foster Killers, today we are asked to ponder an administration where the President is a weak-willed mewling simple-minded boob controlled by a larger-than-life phallus-pillar of manly determination and testosterone-fueled righteousness.

Or, as you may know it: the Bush/Cheney model.

Considering how that played out, I guess we should be thankful knowing that Bill Clinton is only in it for the nookie. 

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