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It’s an open thread, but I had to pass on some pretty bizarre items, courtesy of Paul Barwick.

* Law and Order: Adopt Nazi methods, says Italian councillor. If an immigrant commits a crime against an Italian, ten immigrants should be punished for it, following the method used in Nazi concentration camps: this is the recipe for racial harmony advanced by Giorgio Bettio, a town councillor in Treviso, near Venice. Mr Bettio  belongs to the Northern League, the xenophobic north Italian party which advocates secession from the south, and his suggestion is in the League’s tradition of calculated racist outrage. When he made it in Treviso’s council chamber on Monday it was greeted by a stunned silence from the Opposition.

* Sadly, incidents like this happen more often than is reported: Nursing home resident, 91, charged in attempted sex assault. Deputy District Attorney Jon Levin today formally charged Ralph Allen Ridenour with attempted sexual assault through the use of force, attempted sexual contact through the use of force and false imprisonment. According to police reports, a nurse at Palisade Living Center told the Palisade police that Ridenour grabbed her and repeatedly threatened to rape her after she tried to give him his medicine.

* Pole vault: Man who performed sex acts outdoors sentenced. A Sioux Falls man who videotaped himself performing sex acts outdoors was sentenced Tuesday to four years behind bars. Verle Peter Dills, 60, has spent 126 days in jail since his arrest in July when police found several dozen videotapes at his apartment. Dills pleaded guilty in September to four misdemeanor and one felony charge of indecent exposure. He admitted he recorded himself masturbating and simulating sex with a utility pole near Bailey Street and Kiwanis Avenue on several occasions.

* Kindergartner Suspended For Alleged Bomb Threat.Authorities said a kindergartner has been suspended for claiming he had put a bomb in a classmate’s backpack. The 6-year-old was suspended from the East Marion Elementary School Wednesday for two days. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate the situation. “It is ridiculous,” said the boy’s father.

* Parkinson’s drugs ‘made me gambler, thief and gay sex fiend. Alrighty, then.

A French court is set to award substantial damages to a 47-year-old father-of-two with Parkinson’s disease who was ruled to have been turned into a gambler and thief, with compulsive homosexual urges, by the drugs he was being treated with.

…[W]ithin a year of starting his medication, Jambart felt the first signs of what he calls ‘a state of Jekyll and Hyde’. During the highs he began placing horse racing bets on the internet. But in December 2004, he made the first of three suicide attempts. The next year he began trawling gay internet sites for sexual partners whom he invited home.

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