Taking the “I” out of sacrifice and replacing it with you

There is much I must learn about this thing called "sacrifice" I will let AJ Strata explain it to me:

The Far Left insults America’s intelligence when they say they support troops by claiming a pretend-victory and forcing them to run from al-Qaeda in Iraq – even as our troops have al-Qaeda on the run. But real support for the troops – American style – is obviously something much different than forcing retreat and covering it up with BS and parades down main street. Real support is backing them 100% so they can keep their hard-fought and achieve success (not ‘declare’ it). And that is just the minimum.

One American couple is showing everyone what it means to support our troops to the maximum extent possible, and their efforts deserve to be captured in the fabric of our national identity forever:

"More than a year after infantryman Alejandro Albarran lost part of his right leg to a blast in Iraq, he still hasn’t decided whether he’ll stay in the Army. “Right now, I’m leaning against it,” Albarran said, looking ahead with distaste to a possible desk job.

So AJ has decided to give up the good life as a blogger and finish what Albarran started.

Eh, not quite.

But whatever he decides, Spc. Albarran, 20, won’t be leaving Army life behind now that his wife enlisted to take his place among the ranks.

“After everything he’s gone through — and he loves the Army — he kind of inspired me,” Janay Albarran said. “I made him a promise that I would finish what he started.”

So, while he underwent five-day-a-week rehab to recover his balance and strength on a prosthetic leg at an Army rehabilitation facility here, she learned to shoot a rifle and stand in formation in boot camp at Fort Jackson, S.C. Mrs. Albarran became Pvt. Albarran on Friday.

The couple’s 2-year-old daughter is staying with a grandmother in Arizona.

About which Strata writes:

Love of country, sacrifice, duty and honor. The Albarran’s have taken these concepts to a new level. I humbly salute this family who clearly represent the apex of what it means to be an American family. They did for themselves and for all of us – what an example.

Just not one that AJ himself is interested in following what with Christmas coming and there leaves that need raking and, you know, the playoffs are just around the corner…

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