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Conrad Black Goes To The Slammer

Conrad Black sentenced to six and a half years:

The former Telegraph owner, who spoke only briefly in court, had repeatedly denied his guilt, dismissing the US government’s case against him as "rubbish".

He enraged prosecutors by dubbing them "Nazis" and "pygmies" – comments the prosecution team collected and pinned on an office noticeboard as they renewed their calls for a harsh sentence to reflect his contempt for the courts.

But I hear he’s good to his kids and loves animals.   I think that qualifies you for a commutation these days.   And Black, like Scooter, had quite a few letters of support:

A long brief from the Black attorneys who specialize in sentencing quoted from a few of them, such as columnist George Will who said of the Montreal-born Black who renounced his Canadian citizenship that "Conrad loves this country with a deeply informed passion." His lawyers said they had about 100 similar letters from such notables as Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and John Polanyi, the 1986 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.

I’m glad Patrick Fitzgerald is happy, but I gotta ask — what, no Richard Perle?

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