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Union Busting Asshole Chris Lehane Anti-Worker Health And Safety, Too

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Former FDL contributor Jordan Barab dropped me a line reminding me of another time the AMPTP’s new "master of disaster" Chris Lehane pimped his "liberal" and "progressive" credentials out to corporate weasels. In 2005 he went to work doing damage control for KMF, a company building the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge, after they were accused of defective welds and unsafe working conditions:

Now, I’m the first to admit that everyone’s got to make a living, and from personal experience, I’ll admit that it’s not easy for former political operatives and appointees to find challenging jobs (that pay decently) in a Republican world. I’ll also admit to being a bit judgmental on occasion, but after decades in the health and safety business, to me there is almost no creature lower than the pond scum corporate P.R. flacks who cover up the fact that their clients are hurting or killing workers, and then insisting over it all that the company is "committed to safety."

Democratic consultant Roger Salazar worked with Lehane in Gore’s office and on the 2000 presidential campaign. He called Lehane and his partner, Mark Fabiani, also formerly of the White House, "the masters of crisis communications — they know how to manage an issue and look at it from every conceivable angle, find all of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities."

All well and fine. But it makes me sick to think that this talent is now being used to stomp abused and poisoned workers further into the ground for a company that is rapidly rising to the top of the corporate outlaws list.

What’s next Chris, Bill Frist’s communications director?

The AMPTP has stomped away from the negotiating table and won’t come back until the WGA will agree to cross the picket lines of other unions (with an eye to the SAG contract up next summer). That’s union busting, plain and simple.

There really is a line with regard to who you can represent and still continue to work for organizations that consider themselves "progressive" or "Democratic," and in going to work for the AMPTP Lehane has crossed it.

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Jane Hamsher

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