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Pull Up A Chair…

It’s a Surprise!

Staring at the open box of 750 jigsaw pieces, each individually wrapped in a piece of toilet paper and scotch tape, I knew I’d been had—but good—by my six younger siblings.

They were hoping I would take the time to unwrap each piece, but instead I saved this creative treasure intact and it was re-gifted several times on other holidays. I like to think it’s still out there somewhere, causing outrageous laughter for some hapless recipient.

Speaking of surprises, many years later when young egrDaughter was old enough to understand the idea of presents, she was all excited and helpful when taking a wrapped package over to my brother: "It’s a camera! It’s a surprise!"

Sometimes you even get the good stuff on video. Younger egrDaughter opened up the package with her Barbie house, containing all the little plastic stuff doomed to be broken or lost within 48 hours, and shouted "Now I know there’s a Santa Claus, ’cause you said you would NEVER get this for me!"

You know, I love Dave Barry’s wacky presents but he isn’t the only one who can make us laugh at funny gifts or stories. I want to hear from you all about holidays past or present when you found yourself laughing aloud at something silly.

We’ve worked hard this week, it’s time for some fun. So put the politics aside for a little while, pass the scotch tape please, and pull up a chair….

This mesmerizing photo from MarkyBon, flickr creative commons

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