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Obama Isn’t Worth Your Gay Dollars Or Time

To some in the gay community, Barack Obama is a savior.  Why?  Strictly because he's a democrat.  The same thing applies to Hillary Clinton. 

I personally believe the GLBT community should cease all support of Barack Obama.  It has nothing to do with his race, as I'd be perfectly fine with a black president of the USA.  In fact, having the first African-American USA president would be an exciting time for this country (which I would love to live to see).  But that's not the issue here.

When not long ago, Donnie McClurkin performed at a fundraiser/concert for him, Obama had the full power to stop McClurkin's performance and “ex-gay” sermon onstage.  Fuck what his faggoty staffers say – Obama is the presidential candidate – not them, and not McClurkin.  He could have easily taken McClurkin out of the program, even at the last minute – but he didn't.   He let McClurkin stand onstage and inform people that gays can change to heterosexual, with lots of money, and their sanity.

To me, Barack Obama's message to GLBT persons is “CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!” and “the opposite of YOU is Godliness, as Alan Chambers is Godliness”.  He is no different than Donnie McClurkin, Alan Chambers, Stephen Bennett, Randy Thomas, Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera, Michael Johnston, DL Foster, Stacy “Miss Piggy” Harp, the CWFA, the AFA, and all of the other “ex gays” and their supporters. 

If you are a gay person sending in money to Barack Obama, or even so much as vocally supporting him, you are supporting the “ex-gays” and their message.  A gay dollar for Barack Obama is your paid admission to be alongside Richard Cohen, beating pillows with a tennis racket and cuddling with dorky-looking men in hopes of becoming something you're not.  A gay vote for Obama is a vote that you'd prefer to be incinerated because of your own personal business.  When you press the “vote” button for Barack Obama, you are unleashing the nazi gas chamber onto every gay person in this country. 

Obama could have stopped the Donnie McClurkin performance (and his nazi “ex-gay” message) if he wanted to, but he didn't.  He's the presidential candidate in this fiasco, nobody else.

Obama supports the message of Donnie McClurkin, who supports the message of Paul Cameron, who supports the message of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. 

I know gays are getting desperate to have equal rights in 2008, but you shouldn't have to settle for somebody whose interest is in your own demise under the “democrat” name, as opposed to the “republican” name – who is equally interested in your own demise. 

Barack Obama may be black in his appearance, but underneath his so-called “gay-friendly” facade, he's prussian blue.  If Obama didn't have your gay dollars to help support his campaign, he'd be yapping those tired Matt Barber lines too.

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