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BREAKING: AMPTP Walks Out of Talks With Writers

Scrooge for the holidays: I guess Chris Lehane’s "Masters of Disasters" never really wanted a deal with the writers, they just wanted it to look like they did. Color me shocked that it was all a PR stunt to turn around public opinion, which has only 4% of Americans polled supporting the media moguls.

They AMPTP has now issued a list of demands to the WGA before they will return to the negotiations, which include taking reality TV and animation jurisdiction off the table. But given the fact that the SAG contract will soon be up, the demand that the writers cross future picket lines is an outright move to union-bust.

As the SEIU’s Andy Stern said, "this really is the first significant 21st century strike."

You can send an email telling the media moguls and executives in charge of your favorite shows to return to the negotiating table so people who live paycheck-to-paycheck at all levels of the industry aren’t left to suffer during the holidays while they collect their $28.5 million dollar a year salaries.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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