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The Spin I’m In: All Apologies

The clip shown above is from a 1967 Philco-Ford production entitled Year 1999 A.D., a cheery look at the future where the wife still shops and the husband takes care of all the bills. Ah, those were the days, ay ladies?

Well, I came across more depressing news and a crappy idea from the powers that be in the music industry. Check out this article from the New York Times entitled “Radio’s Newest Strategy: Play a Hit, Again and Again.” Giving the people what they want right? The article refers to a song by rock band OneRepublic called “Apologize”, which has broken the record for the most plays on US Top 40 stations since such computerized tracking began in 1990.

WIOQ-FM, a pop station in Philadelphia, played the song 123 times last week, letting as little as 50 minutes tick by between repeat spins.

Oh brother, I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall during that brilliant, decision-making meeting. Yeah, that’s what will save the commercial radio and music industries… MORE REPETITION!

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Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA. Her first solo record, Transmiticate, has been released nationwide and a US tour is booked for Spring and Summer 2008. Donita is also the co-founder and front person of the rock band L7 who have released six studio albums.

Her original scores can be heard in the upcoming feature film The Life of Reilly starring Charles Nelson Reilly and in online projects for Activision and Microsoft. In 1991 Sparks and L7 formed Rock For Choice with the Feminist Majority Foundation staging numerous concerts benefiting pro-choice organizations.
Donita has been a contributing writer at Firedoglake since July 2006 with her music column The Spin I’m In.