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The last blog panel of 2007…

Kate and I are hopping on a plane this evening to go to DC. I'm on a Sunday panel at the Center for Policy Alternatives: Summit on the States conference. This gathering is for 300 or so state legislators and advocates from across the country.

My panel is the Sunday luncheon plenary — analysis of blog influence on the pols and elections, and how new media has advanced policy at the state level. The other panelists are John Aravosis and Jane Hamsher, and it's moderated by Mark Schmitt of the New America Foundation.

Kate usually doesn't go with me on these trips, but since I have been on the road or in my office toiling a lot for the last month and is on the weekend, it's nice that she's able to accompany me. 

We're going to take a trip to the International Spy Museum, which is apparently really popular and has long ticket lines, so I ordered them online. Hopefully we'll have time to visit the National Portrait Gallery as well. 

I was telling someone that this is my last blogging related trip for the year, not that there is much left in 2007, but it's likely that I'll have a bit of a break from burning the candle at both ends since I have surgery coming up that will take me out of commission shortly after the holidays if not sooner.

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Pam Spaulding