I just went to the mall and saw a kiosk that sold “Christian Jewelry.”  The jewelry was made of silver and gold. 

“That's an oxymoron,” I thought.

And it is.  How can one adorn oneself with gold and silver and do so in the name of the Christ?  The Christ rejected Satan's seduction by rejecting wealth and further rejected wealth over what remained of His life. 

Wealth and Christianity go together like air and trout.  Air strangles the trout.  Wealth asphxiates faith.  And wearing a cross, an instrument of torture, to proclaim one's love for the Christ, is perverse.  Imagine a mother whose daughter was killed by a serial killer, who employed an ice pick.  Then, to forever announce her undying love for her dead daughter, the mother wears a wee gold ice pick on a chain.

But wearing the instrument of torture, as Ann Coulter and others do, is telling, for it's the mutated form of Christianity where all the suffering that needed to be done was done by the Christ. 

All of it.

How many fundies today play the lottery, go to Vegas, help build mega-churches, invest in the stock market, live in McMansions, own multiple cars, wear gold, etc.?  I assuming most hoard money or dream of wealth.

When I was walking about Boston with a friend, he said, “Hey, how come all the homeless people know you?”

That was the wrong question to the wrong person.

Here's the right one and it should have been posed to all the alleged Christians on the sidewalk: “”Hey, how come none of these homeless people know you?”   

If you wear a shiny crucifix, you're not revealing your faith, but the monstrous limits of it.

Holly Capote

Holly Capote


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