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Send An Email To The Network Execs, Tell Them To Give Writers A Fair Share

We’ve set up a tool that allows you to select your favorite TV show and send an email directly to the network executive and CEO in charge, telling them to negotiate in good faith with the writers and pay them a fair wage.

You can find it here.

Progressive blogs coming together to support the WGA with this include Raw Story, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, AlterNet, Crooks & Liars, Digby, Open Left, DownWithTyranny, TalkLeft, Prairie Sunshine, egregious, Corrente, Little Pink Clubhouse, BruinDesign and SteveAudio.

If you’d like to include the ad below on your site, drop me a line at firedoglake AT gmail DOT com (it’s available in 150×250 blogads size and 300×250 standard size). The writers really appreciate all the help that they have gotten from the blogosphere, which has allowed them to circumvent distortions from the mainstream media and get their message directly to their fans.

I’ll be updating the list to include everyone who notifies me that they’re joining up to run the ad.


(Song by Matthew Grimm, video by Dean M. and the FDL Editorz)

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Jane Hamsher

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