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Homo-hate thuggery is alive and well – and targeting out officials

Openly gay Chapel Hill (NC) Town Councilman Mark Kleinschmidt (who I recently met up with at the G&L Leadership Conference last weekend) is the target of a bunch of online neo-Nazi thugs who have compiled a list of out gay elected officials, or as one put it, “List of Open and Unapologetic Faggot Politicians.” Mark:

Over the last 3 days I’ve seen at least three sites re-post the same list of gay officials from around the country.   The post is a reprint of a list of openly gay elected officials maintained by Actwin, an lgbt activist who monitored the voting records of gay elected officials.

The most disturbing element?  This repeated statement:

Because the information is perishable, local activists are best advised to use this information first as a precursor for additional investigation before taking “direct action”.

What do you think “direct action” means?

These cowardly cretins (no one is signing their real names, of course) have descended onto Mark’s blog and unleashed some of the most vile homophobic, anti-Semitic crap I’ve read in a long time. A sampling from the comments.

Adolf Hitler said…

   Hey, homo, blame the ARA (Anti-Racist Action), a “direct action” group, for this. They started all of this nonsense by posting names, addresses, phone numbers and license plates of pro-White activists in ths hope some of their own would take “direct action” against them. These ARA scum take up for people like you, so shut the fuck up and go get another dick up your ass and catch AIDS, faggot.



Dear friends of fagboy,

   Number one, you have to take into consideration that fagboy Kleinschmidt is first and foremost a fucking kike, which means that he’s exploiting this opportunity to get you to feel bad enough to line his pockets – this is the way Jews are, they’re good at seperating a dumb Goy from their money.

   I’m here now to make “racist” statements, in order to help him relieve you of the burden of your cash.

   You people see “hate,” but Kleinschmidt sees only opportunity.

   In any case, if you’re a faggot, you’re a degenerate and I look forward to the day that you catch AIDs and become a financial burden on your families.

   Fagbo is selective about the commentary he’s allowing up here, I see he’s already removed one comment. He won’t do that agaim, it cost him forty or so dollars

   PC Apostate

JewstoryMike said…

   We hate because you give us a legitimate reason to hate you. You wreck our culture and then vilify anyone who resists. We are opposition and will expose you and your ilk at every turn.

   We are not ignorant. On the contrary, we are quite educated and informed of who and what we criticize. I’d like to see you substantiate your claims of our ignorance.

Invictus said…

   Queer and a Jew.

   Talk about being born under a bad sign.

   White America is waking up.

   Attention sub-humans: Something wicked this way comes.

By the way, Mark didn’t remove any of the vile comments. Some of these folks are from the infamous Vanguard News Network bulletin board (and no, I’m not linking). Take a look at one post over there. The screenshot is after the jump.

Click to enlarge.

Mark has a follow up post with more filth from these people:

It’s hard to understand what these people are thinking and what they believe they gain when they launch attacks like the one launched at me this week.

Here’s only part of the response to my initial post:

if for some reason the laws were to change in the future, by keeping this information archived here and on various computers across the country, these faggots may rue the day they “came out of the closet.” If that day ever arrives [when it becomes legal to lynch faggots], I’ll be more than happy to provide this information to those that might legally string you degenerates up

I have to admit that I thought the best course was to entirely ignore these people, but I’ve rethought that strategy after seeing the positive and supportive responses I’ve received from friends and strangers who were glad to see these hate mongers exposed.

Personally, I’m with Mark on this one. While pointing out these bottom-feeds in the short run feeds their egos, it’s instructive for the wider society to see what kind of sentiment is out there. While it is filled with hate, what you are really seeing is the last gasp of pathetic rage of a society of hate in retreat. By attempting to intimidate an elected officials who dare to be free of the closet — it’s no shock that’s who they are targeting, they are in a futile death spiral. Coming out, living out, and leading out is more powerful than any of the anonymous spewing and threats. We can’t all be driven back into the closet, and they know it.

How can be proactive and counter such hate? Local activist Ruby Sinriech had a great initial idea — contribute to Mark’s re-election campaign. Mark, though, offered up this request to those who wish to fight hate and bigotry.

How about making a contribution to one or more of my favorite charities?

EqualityNC or

Fair Trial Initiative

Comment by Mark K. – December 7, 2007 @ 8:03 am

Good for you, Mark! I will gladly pledge my donations to Equality NC (where I was a volunteer, lo many years ago) to ensure that hate speech against gay people will serve to increase lobbying and advocacy for gay and lesbian rights.

Comment by Ruby Sinreich – December 7, 2007 @ 9:17 am

Ruby’s also has posts up at BlueNC, and DailyKos.

I have certainly given to ENC; and I urge you all to give to your state equality organizations; these entities are affecting change at the local level, supporting candidates who are our allies and those who are running out and proud. It’s particularly critical in Red and Purple states, where visibility makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you Mark for your public service and doing the heavy lifting to effect change by being out. Kudos also for showing us the kind of BS we still have to deal with from pathetic, anonymous fringe turds like these.

It’s too bad we still also have to waste precious energy to convince purported political allies to step up to the plate and move the LGBT rights ball forward in all regions of the country.

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