The bleating from the “thought crimes” brigade on the lopping off of the hate crimes measure from the defense reauthorization bill has begun.

Andrea Lafferty is executive director of Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), a conservative group that predicted the hate crimes language would be removed. “The House Democrats knew they didn’t have the votes to keep it in. The Senate Democrats fought to keep it in,” She states.

But in the end I think it was part of a political ploy to keep the homosexual [and] transgender community activated, all-the-while knowing that they were going to pull it and go ahead and push the Kennedy bill next year,” she asserts.

The TVC spokeswoman claims they pulled the measure because Democrats did not want to be seen as “anti-military.” But Lafferty warns that come late January or early February, Democrats will re-ignite their push to pass the Kennedy hate crimes bill and the homosexual jobs legislation known as ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act). Opponents of the hate crimes bill have stated that the measure threatens the free speech of religious conservatives and amounts to “thought crimes” legislation.

My question is activated to do what? It’s not as if we’re pulling down legislative win after win at the fed level.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding