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Change is in the wind Down Under

In a surprise move, newly elected Aussie PM Kevin Rudd won’t stand in the way of legally recognizing same-sex relationships in the states and territories. While he certainly presents a more favorable PM than his predecessor John Howard, it wasn’t clear Rudd he would advance any LGBT rights. This is a clear signal of progress.

Australia’s new Prime Minister said Thursday that his government will not stand in the way of legislation in the state of Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory to recognize same-sex unions – marked departure from the position of his predecessor.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said his Labor government would not interfere with state and territory legislation.

“On these matters, state and territories are answerable to their own jurisdictions,” Rudd told reporters in Brisbane.

“State and territory governments are elected to govern, they are accountable to their constituents.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding