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Watchmen on Walls conference: descent into homobigoted madness

Jim Burroway continues his series on the Watchmen On the Walls conference in Riga, Latvia. This is the homo-hate group is courted and supported by several stateside homobigots, including Pastor Ken (Kill Microsoft) Hutcherson and the unhinged Scott Lively. If you sat through Lively’s talk, you would have learned about the “Secrets of Homosexuality.”

Now people, if you haven’t been studying your Homosexual Agenda, you might be a bit unfamiliar with this essential information needed to dominate the world. Scott will clue you in.

Secret #1:

The first thing that the homosexuality community doesn’t want you to know, number one, most homosexuals do not want to be homosexual. Homosexuality is a disorder inside of you. It’s when you have an attraction, a sexual attraction, towards someone of the same gender. Every person that begins to feel this attraction towards someone of the same gender knows that it’s wrong, because they live in a world where they see what is normal and they can compare the way they feel with what everyone else does.

This is the secret to why the homosexual movement is so aggressive about making society accept them. Because they’re living a lie about who they are. Their acceptance of a gay identity is an admission of failure.

Man, that’s weak. I was waiting for the whole “parts that fit” statement, but alas, he held back.

Secret #2:

The homosexual leaders, the leaders of the homosexual movement, they are the ones who push this. Not the average homosexual. Of course many of them fall into using it as a tactic. But this aggressive accusation of hatred is coming from the homosexual leaders because they need to keep the other homosexuals inside of the gay community.

Remember, most homosexuals do not want to be homosexual. And if they really believed that there was a way to overcome their homosexuality, many of them would leave the gay community. And the people who have the real hope for change, the ones who have the ability to overcome their sins and their compulsiveness are the Christians. We’re the ones who have the power to help them.

Jim notes, quite aptly, that Lively has a very amusingly distorted view of the amount of power gay rights leaders have, lol. That whole ENDA dealie shows how great we have matters under control. I have to agree with Jim on this observation.

It’s the gay rights leaders who make the rest of us fearful. Not pastors who pray for curses. Not people who describe gays and lesbians as followers of the father if lies” or who write revisionist “history” books which claims that gays were responsible for Nazism and the holocaust. Not people who say that gays are subjecting children to “moral rape,” and who equate fair treatment in schools to the Nazi’s throwing children into the holocaust furnaces. And not people who lie about the gay-bashing death of Santender Singh..

The most ridiculous “secrets” that get to the heart of why homosexuality is a hard-on for these people are after the jump.Secret #3:

God does not create people to have no choice in a behavior that he condemns. But it’s not the same kind of choice as choosing to become a carpenter or a journalist. Like I said, most homosexuals don’t want to have those feelings. But all sex is voluntary, except for rape. And so if a homosexual is living an active homosexual lifestyle, he is making a choice every single day.

Wait a minute — does he think the audience is stupid? Oh, scratch that one. Anyway, note that he conveniently tries to confuse orientation and sexual activity. Regardless of one’s orientation, any voluntary sex act is a choice, yes indeed. That’s why you have gay folks that marry, have kids, even love their husband or wife, yet can still come to the realization that they are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

OK. Tell me this man is not a head case — homosex is an addiction, and it must be cured.

The most powerful addiction of all is sexual because we’re actually created to be sexual. Nobody’s created to be an alcoholic. When you give up alcohol, there’s nothing in your body that requires alcohol. But every body, male and female, is designed for sex. And the most powerful drug in all the universe is a human orgasm. It’s a human orgasm. Because when you have that sexual experience, it floods you brain with the same addictive chemicals that you get when you’re an addict. It’s like the ultimate pleasurable drug.

Now if you’re a young person and you’re experiencing same sex attraction, and someone comes along to you that’s an older homosexual and invites you to participate in a homosexual act, if you enter into that homosexual act and your first orgasm as a human being is the result of homosexual behavior, you can be locked in to an addiction that will last your whole life.

I take it that heterosex must not be as enticing, with all these folks falling out of the closet. Maybe Lively is telling us something.

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Pam Spaulding