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Romney: Freedom Requires Religion

Mitt Romney, in his speech concerning faith, uttered one of the most bizarre statements I have yet to see from the flip flopping ex governor. He said “Freedom requires religion.”

I'm not even sure where to begin with this idiotic statement. I can assure you I disagree with it 100%. I cannot for the life of me imagine why the concept of individual liberty would hinge upon the embracing of irrational modes of thought and acrane mythologies……but apparently Willard “Mitt” Romney seems to think this is the case.

Religion, by its very nature, has long been a tool for oppression of freedom. It has long been a tool for controling people and limiting freedom, and creating rules, laws, mores, and structures that people who dared transgress have often paid dearly for. Hardly seems like religion is required for liberty, when quite the opposite has been borne out by several thousand years of history. Maybe Mitt failed is history?? 

My general opinion on the subject is that religion, for the most part, is an enemy of freedom, and adversary of liberty. People like Dobson, Robertson, Wildmon, and the originators of the dominionist movement are the enemies of personal freedoms.

It has always been by opinion that freedom OF religion necessarily requires freedom FROM religion. With the first amendment establishment clasue under constant attack, that freedom has been threatened, and in some cases eroded. Opinions? 

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