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I didn’t get to watch our man Mitt! come down from the mountaintop today and deliver the Founding Father’s Commandments or whatever they were. But, through the miracle of the internets, it’s almost like I was there. First to shoot his load was Hugh Hewitt who, well, let’s just say Hugh was less restrained than usual:

Mitt Romney’s "Faith in America" speech was simply magnificent, and anyone who denies it is not to be trusted as an analyst. On every level it was a masterpiece. The staging and Romney’s delivery, the eclipse of all other candidates it caused, the domination of the news cycle just prior to the start of absentee voting in New Hampshire on Monday –for all these reasons and more it will be long discussed as a masterpiece of political maneuver.

Far more important than all of that, however, was the content of the address, which was a brilliant explication of the American political theory of faith and freedom. Romney used the moment to defend not just himself but the American tradition of faith in the public square, of vigorous and valued religious plurality, and, crucially, why that tradition has allowed America’s role in the world to be so unqualifiedly good.

Not that Hugh has a dog-strapped-to-the-roof-of-a-station-wagon in this hunt.

In a somewhat more spiritual vein, we turn to the normally levelheaded Tits on a Blintz:

Mitt Romney gives his "Faith in America" speech. Starts at 10:30. Watch it live here. Another giant step for the new media ………….. yeah baby! Robert Spencer pointed out here, Romney is the only presidential candidate to use the word jihad – for that alone he deserves a listen.


UPDATE: Too much religious talk. If I want a religious sermon I’ll got to my house of worship. Where’s the beef?

10:51 am: Nearly tuned out. Glad I didn’t He is talking hate speech in mosques ………………… good

I have always said that what the Sermon on the Mount lacked was some old-time religion asskicking.

David Frum, on the other hand, felt the speech to be neither fish nor fisticuffs:

Had he focused instead on simply arguing that presidents need only prove themselves loyal to American values, he would have been on safe ground. Instead, he over-reached, super-adding to his civic appeal an additional appeal to voters who demand faith in Jesus as a requirement in a president. That is an argument that will not work – and a game Mitt Romney cannot win.

At the end of the day though, the only thing that really matters to a candidate is that his kids still look up to him as the superhero that he really is:

My Words Can’t Do It Justice Wow. As I’ve said before, I’m biased. But my Dad hit a home run with his speech today…

But was it a seventh game of the World Series, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by three runs, full count , the kind that A-Rod would strike out on, kind of home run?

I find his lack of enthusiasm telling.

Tagg thinks Mitt bombed.

You read it here first…



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