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Another sad loss of a good politician

In run-off elections in Riverdale, GA, Town Councilwoman Michelle Bruce has lost her bid for re-election.  It's sad the business that caused this to happen was a ridiculous lawsuit charging that she had been fraudulently elected by running as a woman instead of a man.  The truth of the matter is, as Autumn covered, that she has always been open about her Trans-Identity and the fact that she was born Intersexed.  The court dismissed the case the day before the election.

Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

In Riverdale, Bruce — surrounded by supporters from Georgia Equality and the Human Rights Campaign — dabbed her eyes as the results were read. Her loss came a day after a Superior Court judge threw out a lawsuit by two losing City Council candidates that alleged she lied to voters when she ran as a woman.

“I think the lawsuit had something to do with it [the loss],” she said. “I think we have a lot of work to do in Clayton County, especially Riverdale. I think we need to come together and the bigots need to go.”

Hall, an Atlanta firefighter, said he felt residents needed a choice since Bruce ran unopposed in 2003.

“The lawsuit gave exposure to things in Riverdale,” Hall said. “The two biggest issues here are credibility and accountability. Once you establish those two, you fix everything else.”

Riverdale was the only Clayton County runoff to attract more than 100 voters. 


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Freeper Quotes after the jump (not for the faint of heart).

Actual Freeper QuotesTM


May he is a “she-man”. A woman from the wasit up and a male from the waist down? If you announce this issue then you owe it to folks to tell them the whole story.


a little scary..yes?


No trick or treating at her/his house!


All is not lost. Now she can become a pastor in the United Methodist Church. At least in the Baltimore-Washington Conference.


Never fails to amaze me the people who want to inhabit a public office who then cry about their obvious piccadilos being exposed to the public. [Umm, what was exposed?]


“It was aimed at getting me out.”

Gee whiz, y'think?

They couldn't possibly have changed everything, Mrss.

…like your brain. :o)

Wow, attack of the ugly she zombies.


I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with a transgender person if they were open and honest about it.

However if you end up with a “discovery” process that involves them acting in a duplicitous nature? What are you really left to assume? What else are they hiding?

If you’re gay, I don’t care. If you like to dress as a woman, I don’t care. Be honest about it and if your skills and abilities measure up I have no issues. [Besides being ignorant of the facts, is this person a real Freeper?]


Thing that bothers me is that these freaks want me to pay for their confused perversion with my tax funds.

Have it lopped off and sewn up like a catchers mit and have me pay for it?


What next?…..”I feel comfortable running for office as a man for five years then I’ll probably flop back to a women or is there a trannie catagory for office?


EWWW YUCK! (Pass the bucket…..)


EW! He’s so creepy … wonder if he had surgery to hide his Adam’s apple … .


“Brokebrain Mountain” ping.


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