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An open invitation to Peter LaBarbera

(NOTE FROM PAM: Peter LaBarbera was on Hannity and Colmes and showed his “research” into the fetish activities at the Folsom Street Fair. I am inserting the video into Happy Cat’s diary. Also, you have to surf over to Joe Murray’s pad to read his take on The Peter’s Faux News appearance. Also: Rebecca Armendariz of the Washington Blade was at Petey’s conference and has an eye-opening report, “‘Exposing’ the Folsom Street Fair,” on the shenanigans.)

To: Peter LaBarbera, AFT

 This is an open invitation to have you, me and my two daughters to be able to sit down, and let you see what and who we are.  I am the parent, a Male to Female Transexual, and my daughters, ages 12 and 16.

 During this invitation, I will allow you to ask any questions you would feel needed.  I would like to ask you questions as well, but this time sitting face to face.  

 I have 7 questions for you, that is all.  As I saw you on Hannity and Colmes, I have SEVEN QUESTIONS.  

Continued below the fold,  Here are the Questions,

#1 Do you believe that every homosexual you filmed at Folsom Street Fair represents all homosexuals?

#2 Do you believe that the leather and the whips, the use of gags, the costumes, etc. are only used by the homosexuals? or do heterosexuals take part in these activities?

#3 While you where there, how many Transexuals did you witness in the sex and sleaze you discuss in you letter and DVD?

#4 Do you know the difference between Transvestites, Transgender, and Transsexuals?

#5 Have you done the research on the amount of crime is done by Transsexuals vs Transgender vs Transvestite?

#6 Do Females, born Female contract aids?  If so, how do the females contract this terrible disease?

#7 What do you feel is the best way to prevent STDa in teenagers?  Do you believe that abstinence works, why or why not?

 Well,  I have more questios, if you don’t mind.

#8 Do you believe that us transexuals are confused, or do we know our path to finding happiness?  

#9 Can you name the differences between the LGB and the T, since you have done so much research?

What are the differences?

#10 Is the LOVE between two gay men or two lesbian women different from the LOVE of two opposite sex couples?

#11 How do you feel, that I am a Transwoman, single mom if you will, raising two daughters?


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