plametestifies.thumbnail.jpgIt’s a good thing we have supercomputers nowadays, because otherwise there’d be no way on earth the White House could keep pace with the revelations of its lies. Now on top of the Iran NIE, and CIA torture tapes (see Emptywheel about that), there’s this Plame news in the Providence Journal:

Valerie Plame Wilson, whose cover as a covert CIA agent was famously blown by top Bush administration officials, told a Brown University audience last night she is pleased that the U.S. intelligence community has released an assessment concluding that Iran halted its covert nuclear weapons campaign in 2003.

. . . After her hour-long speech and question-and-answer session, Plame dropped one bombshell almost casually.

She said a lawyer had called her just before her talk began and told her that special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald had agreed to turn his transcripts of interviews with Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney over to U. S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., who is known for his relish for investigating wrongdoing by Republicans.

Let’s hope that is being reported accurately. There had been reports that the White House had denied Fitz permission to hand over the interview transcripts, but it seems like extending Fitz’s notoriously by-the-book nature for him to absurd lengths for him to let Dubya stonewall his own testimony. Supposedly Waxman asked new attorney general Mukasey to intervene, but wasn’t Fitzgerald already given de facto AG authority over this case?

(NOTE: Kudos to CTuttle in comments on the previous thread for finding this news story)



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