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Huckabee: God Responsible for My Rise in Polls

Via Mother Jones, more faith-based bloviating from the rapist/murderer-releasing Baptist minister, former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential hopeful.

Huckabee backtracked slightly after this appearance, adding, “I’m saying that when people pray, things happen…. I’m not saying that God wants me to be elected.”

*  Former top aide to Huckabee: He DID try to influence parole board  

* Huckabee to CNN: Parole Board members not telling the truth about Dumond case

* Huckabee was on first-name basis with convicted rapist

*  Huckabee let lots more criminals off the hook  [9 percent of the prisoners who benefited from Huckabee’s clemencies ended up in prison again.]

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding