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Follow Up On Edwards

Yesterday, I took John Edwards to task for his promise to appoint Republicans to his cabinet. Some in comments, for whatever reason, doubted the accuracy of this Des Moines Register story I cited, which was also picked up by TPM and Chris Bowers, who wrote:

Earth to Richardson and Edwards: America is voting for Democrats in order to remove Republicans from powerful governmental positions, such as cabinet posts. And putting Republicans in your cabinet would not distinguish you from Bush, whose cabinet has quite a few Republicans. Having Republicans in the cabinet is part of the problem. At TPM Election Central, Eric Kleefeld muses that this pledge by Edwards "could help him appeal to more independent voters." I disagree. Given that Republicans have a favorable rating of 40% or lower in every poll not taken by Fox this year, and that about 30% of the country self-identifies as Republican, it strikes me that bowing to have Republicans in your cabinet is about the best way I can think of to not appeal to independent voters.

As promised, I wrote the reporter who penned the article, Tony Leys. He stands by the story as reported.

I’m not sure why I have to point this out, but just because I think Edwards’ "Republicans in my cabinet" platform is neither politically wise or helpful to him — or to Democrats generally — that in itself doesn’t mean I a) don’t agree with Edwards on a whole host of other issues; b) think that Edwards should be disqualified from the Democratic primary; or c) that Edwards would be a bad President.

If at some point the Des Moines Register posts a correction to the original story, I will post it.

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