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Wingnuts See Great Patriotic War With Iran Slip Away, Experience 5 Stages of Grief

375755212_1e222419ce_m.jpgThese are truly sad and confused times for the right-wing. "How can we call the Democrats Chamberlains if there’s no Nazi Germany?!" they’re wondering.

Their reaction to the Iran story was classic Kubler-Ross.

DENIAL: "Given the poor performance of the U.S. Intelligence Community ("IC") in drafting previous NIE’s, we should review the IC’s work with a skeptical eye–no matter what conclusions are drawn," insisted The Weekly Standard

ANGER: "This latest front page news story is an insult to every American or freedom loving person that has even average intelligence. The New York Times ate up every mendacious morsel … jihad lovers," hissed Atlas Juggs.

BARGAINING: "…the report offers no reason to be less concerned about the likelihood that Iran will possess nuclear weapons in the near future, and no reason to doubt that our own willingness to take military action is one of the factors that will influence decision-making in Tehran," suggested Powertools.

DEPRESSION: "No matter what the reason, you can bet the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) will spin this as more proof of the administrations disingenuousness when it comes to WMD issues," complained Ace of Spades.

ACCEPTANCE: "The bar for bombing Iran has not only not been met yet, but that it’s arguably moving farther away," sighed Jonah Goldberg.

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