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Time Magazine Sticks Fingers In Ears, Sings “La La La, I Can’t Hear You”

I think most people were pretty shocked when Time Magazine took the rather indefensible position that Joe Klein’s clearly erroneous, GOP propaganda-sourced article had nothing that couldn’t be explained away as "he said/she said." But the stonewalling they’ve done in the wake of the subsequent outcry is even worse.

Rush Holt, author of the FISA bill in question, asked to be given space on the Swampland blog to rebut Klein’s false assertions — and was refused. Russ Feingold had to go to the Chicago Tribune — a publication that had the decency to publish a true retraction about Klein’s false GOP spin — in order to get his letter on the subject published.

Glenn Greenwald:

According to Zach Goldberg, Rep. Holt’s spokesman: "Rep. Holt had an email exchange with Mr. Klein about FISA and his column. During the exchange, Rep. Holt made a request to respond with a Swampland post to clarify what is really in the RESTORE Act. Mr. Klein noted he already issued a public apology and did not accept the request."

Let’s just ponder for a second how lowly Time‘s behavior here is. It refused the requests of two sitting members of Congress, both of whom are members of the Intelligence Committees and have played a central role in drafting the pending FISA legislation, to correct Klein’s false statements in Time itself. What kind of magazine smears its targets with patently false statements and then blocks them from responding?

Glenn also reports that a letter waas written jointly to Time by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes, which also never saw the light of day. And at least 100 people cc’d Glenn on letters they wrote to Time about Klein’s Hoekstra-spun fabrication. None of them were printed.

Time is trying to bury the whole issue and hoping it goes away. You can call it journalistic malpractice or malfeasance or just plain lying, whatever you want, but their commitment to protecting Joe Klein, his flighty editors and the GOP — rather than to their readers and the truth — is a disgrace.

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