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John Edwards: I Need Republicans In My Cabinet To Keep Me From Screwing Up

1106166066_89c5f0ba42_m.jpgFile this one under "Weirdest Campaign Vows of ’08": (update)

John Edwards vowed Monday to include Republicans in his Cabinet if he’s elected president.

"Here’s why: because I’m looking for the strongest, most capable, most independent-minded people I can find. I want people around me who will say, ‘You’re wrong about this, and you could do grave damage if you do it. Mr. President, you need to change your mind,’ " he said. "Because I’m not perfect, I’m capable of making mistakes."

Sorry, that’s just ridiculous on many levels. The idea that an Edwards administration can only avoid serious policy mistakes if it contains Republicans is, on its face, totally absurd. Does Edwards really think he can’t find a handful of strong, smart, capable Democrats who disagree with him on stuff and won’t hesitate to tell him so? Really?

Even worse, it really makes absolutely no sense at all in a political climate where the public prefers Democrats to Republicans by a margin of 14 points. And, unless this report is inaccurate, he didn’t just say he’d be open to it or would consider it. This is a promise.

This just reeks of 1990s/DLC Stockholm Syndrome. I’m really over Democrats who say we need Big Grownup Republicans to save us from irresponsible flaky selves. It’s bad for the Democratic brand. It’s bad politics. Can you imagine Rudy or Willard or Thompson making such a pledge? I can’t.

I like Edwards, and I’m not trying to single him out. Bill Richardson did the same thing (see same article).

But this is teh stupid.


Because of the concerns that this article may have taken Edwards out of context, and that he made no actual "promise" or "vow" to appoint Republicans, I have written the reporter and will post what I learn.

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