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The Republican Notion of Oversight

I feel like I’ve gone back through time. We’re back to talking about Plame. And nolo discovered another USA Purge document dump. There’s a potentially damning email in here–all redacted (I’ll return to that in a later post). But there’s also proof of something we’ve long suspected. Congressional Republicans were getting talking points from Gonzales’ DOJ to use in hearings on the USA purge.

Or let me be more exact: the White House (in this case  Christoper Frech) is making sure that the Office of Legislative Affairs at DOJ (in this case, Richard Hertling) is giving the Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee tips on strategy for the hearing with four fired USAs.

This is what it looks like when the White House (which isn’t supposed to be involved in this scandal, remember) makes sure DOJ prepares the HJC Republicans.

Frech:  Good morning Richard, regarding the Tuesday hearing with the USAs, have you had any conversation with the committee and specific members on strategy, etc?

Hertling:  We have had some preliminary conversations and will be meeting internally to finalize questions and strategy to provide HJC Rs.  They will get all of that later today.

No wonder the Republican Congress never exercised any oversight over the Bush Administration. The Bush Administration never gave them  the script so they could do so. 

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