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New NIE Report Going to Need Some Tweaking For Conservapedia Debut

I always enjoy watching the spun-sugar tendrils of the cotton-candy wingnut worldview being woven into place. In the wake of today’s NIE revelation that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, take it away Instahack:

This story lets the Bush Administration take credit for pressuring Iran into stopping its weapons program by invading Iraq — meaning that the invasion really did end a major WMD threat — and also punt further serious action on the Iran issue to the next administration. Cui bono? I think it’s pretty obvious. . . .

Somewhat less obvious would be the past twelve months (emptywheel says six months) of saber rattling and fearmongering on the part of an administration that had access to this information, but maybe we’ll get that in the next snippet of wisdom.

Remember it less than a month ago that dishonest hack Mike McConnell said:

The director of national intelligence said Tuesday he does not plan to make public any of the key findings of a soon-to-be-completed assessment on Iran’s nuclear program.

Mike McConnell said to do so could expose U.S. intelligence capabilities and enable Iran to change its practices.

The National Intelligence Estimate is intended to lay out the entire intelligence community’s best estimate on the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program. The Bush administration maintains Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons, but the Iranians say the program is to meet the country’s energy needs.

At the time McConnell said we wouldn’t have him to kick around any more it if all turned out to be bullshit:

McConnell also said Tuesday he would resign if he determined administration officials were cherry-picking intelligence to support their positions. Some members of Congress and other critics of the war in Iraq have accused the Bush administration of selectively making public intelligence that supported its case for invading Iraq.

McConnell said the "first mission" of the intelligence community is to "speak truth to power."

"If it were cherry-picked in an inappropriate way, then for me, that’s a professional obligation to object, and I would submit my resignation," he said.

You can have it on my desk by tomorrow morning, Mike.

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