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New Jersey fundies admit marriage equality is around the corner

What on earth will the folks at the N.J. Family Policy Council do? Even their sources in the legislature admit they are only a couple of votes away from full marriage equality. (Blue Jersey):

Last week Garden State Equality chairman Steven Goldstein projected that they are just a few votes short of a majority in support of marriage equality, with about 19 votes in the Senate and 39 in the Assembly, where 21 and 41, respectively are needed for a majority.

In an email to supporters, Len Deo of the NJ Family Policy Council – a right wing group trying to impose it’s extremist theocratic agenda on New Jersey – said that their “own contacts confirm support for the same-sex “marriage” bill is a couple legislators short.”

That huge admission must be discouraging to his followers, but Deo assures them “we will continue to fight the good fight,” a political euphemism for “we’re going to lose.”

Surf over to Blue Jersey to read the letter from Deo.  

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