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Chrisrtians in Iraq worse off now.

  I saw this on 60 minutes and had mixed emotions. I have held the belief that the war in Iraq has been a Holy war started by President Bush and his Christian followers.  Now which Christians are we to believe?  Was Saddam as bad as we were told by the Bush administration?

“You were here during Saddam’s reign. And now after. Which was better? Which was worse?” Pelley asked.

“The situation now is clearly worse” than under Saddam, White replied.

 It even seems that Christians were respected under Saddam’s government.

In modern times, under Saddam, Christians were treated much the same as Muslims; Saddam’s right hand man, Tariq Aziz, was Christian.

Before the war, it’s estimated there were about a million Christians in Iraq. They were a small minority, but free to worship, free to build churches, and free to speak the ancient language of Jesus, Aramaic. But, after the invasion, Muslim militants launched a war on each other and the cross.

 Things really must be bad, the Christians there don’t want to be seen being protected by U.S. forces.

 Continued after the jump,   Even the Christians there fear being affilliated with U.S. forces,

U.S. forces do not protect the churches. There’s a hands-off policy for all religious sites and Gibbs says there’s another reason.

“The Christians do not what us to guard the churches openly,” he said.

 Who is Gibbs?  Gibbs commands the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Riley, Kan. In Dora, he set up a combat outpost in an abandoned Catholic seminary.

 Why wouldn’t the Christians want Gibbs and his soldiers to protect the churches?

“They feel that if we are overtly protecting the churches that someone underground covertly will come in and murder the Christians because they’re collaborating with the U.S. forces,” Gibbs explained.

 But Gibbs has to give credit to the surge. But also has to give another reason. (bold is mine)

There seems to be less violence now in part because of the surge of U.S. forces but also because the purge of Christians from Dora is largely complete. Gibbs says Islamic militants are on the run now.

 There is more in the 60 minutes article, churches getting blown up, people being murdered and families being divided.  Here is the story from Gibbs,

This is one of the abandoned churches of Dora,” Pelley remarked inside the church. “It looks like it was left suddenly and completely. There’s a fine coat of dust over everything in the church. It was all left just as it was. One of the reasons these churches have been abandoned is in this letter, a letter that went out to the neighborhoods of Dora about a year ago. It reads like this: ‘To the Christian, we would like to inform you of the decision of the legal court of the Secret Islamic Army to notify you that this is the last and final threat. If you do not leave your home, your blood will be spilled.’ And in case there was any chance that anyone would not get the message, the letter ends like this: ‘You and your family will be killed.'”


  Now I don’t like people being killed for being religious.  And I don’t like people being murdered or beaten for being LGBT people either.

 I do wish that those Christians who are here in the U.S. claim we, the LGBT are the problem, need to look deeper, and quit being so damn shallow. And see the problem that Most now-a-day Christians have gone outside their own belief. Being,

#1 Treat people the way you want to be treated!

#2 Love your neighbor as you would love yourself!

 This brings me back to my emotions,  I am glad to see Christians get to know the feeling of becoming extinct, as that is what they want to do to us.  And they can here our voice saying,”we don’t want you killed, we ask that you stop telling others in the name of God that we need to be killed.  

  I want those christians to live a holy and happy life, the same as I want all my LGBT brothers and sisters to live a life, and that life would be without fear of being killed for being different.  I would stand with the Christians who want an end to all the maddness.

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