Maybe I’m doing it wrong

Our man Mitt! has blown several lifetime’s worth of tithing on his campaign, and this is the thanks he gets?

Mike Huckabee’s surge apparently isn’t just happening in Iowa — he’s moving up nationwide, too. The new Gallup poll has Huck in a three-way tie for second. Rudy Giuliani leads with a 25% plurality, with Huckabee at 16%, Fred Thompson 15%, John McCain 15%, and Mitt Romney 12%. Huckabee has gone up an amazing ten points in the last month.

Part of the Romney Master Plan for the United States of New Zion was to sell America on God (well, his god anyway) and family. But it looks like America prefers Huckabee’s God and family instead.

The Romney boys:

Lil Huck:

It looks like it has finally reached the time to unleash Jon-Jon Romney:

Your move, Huckabee…

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