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Union Busting For the Holidays

I’m a bit worried about my little blog buddy Paul Levy. After the Boston City Counselors voted unanimously to recommend that Boston hospitals agree to guard patient care when dealing with the unions (you know, by not yanking workers away from their patient’s bedsides and forcing them to listen silently to anti-union propaganda), my unstable pal Paul has been conspicuously silent on his blog.

He had a mini-meltdown a short time ago and smoke started coming out of his ears when the SIEU wanted workers to be paid a fair wage before a big new cancer ward expansion was undertaken in New Haven. "What kind of healthcare service union would stand in the way of a cancer center in New England? That strikes me as the kind of union we don’t want," he said at the time.

It was fear he recovered from just in time to try and block the building of a cancer center near his hospital Beth Israel, however, because it might have interfered with his own hospital’s profits. Someone must have gotten him breathing slowly into a paper bag or something. Nice to know for future reference what can inspire a full recovery.

In the interest of blogger solidarity I want to help my pal Paul out. He’s one of the finalists for the coveted "Grinch of the Year Award" that Massachusetts Jobs With Justice will be giving out on December 9th. Please vote for him by going here.

You know, blogger solidarity and all that.

And by refusing to refrain from union-busting tactics when dealing with hospital workers who live paycheck-to-paycheck, especially during the holidays, he has most certainly earned it.

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