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Tom Tancredo hired 'criminal aliens' to build his family's rec room

The hypocrisy is breathtaking, but not surprising. Wouldn’t you think that Colorado’s Tom Tancredo, the GOP presidential wannabe who is running as a single issue (“Build the Wall”) candidate by bringing up The Brown Menace at every opportunity would want to Buy American when he is renovating his home?

Nope. He has a “sanctuary mansion” of his own. Max Blumenthal:

When Tancredo hired a construction crew to transform his drab basement into a high-tech pleasure den in October 2001, however, he did not express concern that only two of its members spoke English. Nor did he bother to check the workers’ documentation to see if they were legal residents of the United States. Had Tancredo done so, he would have learned that most of the crew consisted of undocumented immigrants, or “criminal aliens” as he likes to call them. Instead, Tancredo paid the crew $60,000 for its labor and waited innocently for the completion of his elaborate entertainment complex.

During the renovation process, two illegal workers hired by Tancredo were alerted to his reputation for immigrant bashing. They went straight to the Denver Post to complain. Tancredo “doesn’t want us here, but he’ll take advantage of our sweat and our labor,” one of the workers complained to the Post on September 19, 2002. “It’s just not right.”

Tancredo’s head-purposely-in-the-sand attitude when it comes to personally benefiting from the cheap labor provided by undocumented workers is shared by many Americans — and pols like Mitt Romney, who also employed people here illegally to work on his landscaping. You just have to shake your head at the bald hypocrisy.

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