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Sunday Talking Head Thread

“Do I have to watch?”

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Here’s the Sunday talking heads line-up for today:

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal — 7:30am – Philip Klein, American Spectator, Reporter & Blogger; 9:00am – Keith Crane, RAND Corporation, Russia Analyst; 9:30am – Phoner From Caracas, Venezuela: Richard Lapper, Financial Times, Latin America Editor; 9:30am – Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.S.

ABC’s This Week — Gov. Mike Huckabee on Iowa and beyond; Roundtable with Peggy Noonan, Elisabeth Bumiller, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and George Will; and Steve Van Zandt talks about his foundation’s work bringing rock and roll into the schools.

CBS’ Face the Nation — Senator John McCain (R-AZ); Obama chief strategist David Alexrod; Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson.

NBC’s Meet the Press — Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), just returned from Iraq; election roundtable with David Brody, David Gregory, Michele Norris, and Eugene Robinson; and E Street Band’s Steve Van Zandt.

CNN’s Late Edition — President George Bush; Sen. Chris Dodd, (D-CT) Presidential Candidate; Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, Commander, Multi-National Corps-Iraq; Sen. Carl Levin, (D-MI) Chairman, Armed Services Committee; Sen. Arlen Specter, (R-PA) Judiciary Committee.

Fox News Sunday — Karl Rove and DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen; FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith.

Chris Matthews Show — Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT; John Heilemann, NY Magazine; Gloria Borger, US News & World Report; Andrew Sullivan, Senior Editor at The Atlantic; to talk about whether Rice has served Bush well [Hey, don’t shoot the messenger] and if Rudy can keep his cool.

60 Minutes — Scott Pelley on the dwindling number of Christians in Iraq; Leslie Stahl interviews MIT Prof. Nicholas Negroponte about his program to get a laptop out to every schoolchild; and Will Smith talks about his new movie "I Am Legend."

This beautiful photograph is of a Barn Owl in Arizona.

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