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Obama Hits Clinton On Kyl-Lieberman, Ahead In Iowa Poll


Another poll showing Obama ahead of Clinton in Iowa:

Despite the movement, the race for 2008’s opening nominating contest remains very competitive about a month before the Jan. 3 caucuses, just over half of likely caucusgoers who favor a candidate saying they could change their minds.

Obama, an Illinois senator, leads for the first time in the Register’s poll as the choice of 28 percent of likely caucusgoers, up from 22 percent in October. Clinton, a New York senator, was the preferred candidate of 25 percent, down from 29 percent in the previous poll.


The lead change appears after weeks of increasing criticism of Clinton by Obama and Edwards about her position on U.S. policy toward Iran and questions of her candor.


Obama spent weeks in October and November attacking Clinton’s support for a measure that allowed President Bush to declare the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, a move Obama said was a step toward war. Clinton said the measure enhanced U.S. negotiating strength with Iran.

A couple of things stick out. One — I’d still like to see any indication made by Obama prior to the vote that he opposed the Kyl-Lieberman bill, because I just did not hear it. He doesn’t get to campaign now on opposing it after sticking his finger in the wind — at the time, many were watching that vote as a way to measure how sincere his desire to challenge the foreign policy establishment really was. He didn’t vote. For him to pretend now that his opposition was full-throated and sincere is probably the most cynical move I’ve seen on the Democratic side of the ticket in this campaign.

And two — we told you, everyone. Don’t have anything to do with Joe Lieberman, ever, at any time. He’s a toxic little waste pile of a man who will lay an instant load of political cooties on anyone he comes in contact with.

When will they ever learn?

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Jane Hamsher

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