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Hillary Clinton’s Crotch

Considering the fundies'/cons' obsession with Clinton crotches and their whispering that Hillary might be gay, that makes Hillary's crotch their wettest of dreams, for her crotch could be both a gay crotch AND a Clinton crotch.  Egads. 

It'll be their perfect crotch! 

They won't be able to tie their shoes or brush their teeth, they'll be so preoccupied. 

They'll roll out Kenneth Starr again, who will spend hundreds of millions measuring her crotch.  He'll ultrasound it.  He'll M.R.I. and C.S.I. and F.B.I. it.  He'll dipstick it and buy litmus sticks by the billions.  At each day's end, he'll launch fireworks from it and at night, he'll hire Christo to curtain it.   

But think of the possible bennies.  The cons might be sooo distracted that they'll torture, eavesdrop, and systematically dismantle the Constitution a little less.  They might even forget to attack the next country or rig the next election.

Holly Capote

Holly Capote

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