Bring me the head of Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Faced with the prospect of Michelle Malkin hiding out in the bushes and reporting on her kitchen counters (“…appear to be strewn with empty Chunky Monkey tubs. Communist ice cream!”) K-Lo blubbers out an apology of sorts over the Lying in Lebanon affair:

Michelle Malkin says there isn’t a “just blogging” excuse — and that cuts to the heart of my thinking, and what I hope one can get out of my Friday post in “The Corner” on Lebanon “Tank” reporting from earlier this fall. Your (our, anyone’s) audience relies on you if you’re writing a book or a piece, ranting on the radio, giving a sound-bite on TV, or blogging.

The only point being here doing any of this is to play it straight. One of the greatest benefits of blogs is you can actually let people see more. You see NRO writers with their differences of opinion and mood swings and varying considerations about 2008 candidates. You get notes that would get cut out of pieces in a print forum because of space. And you can tell stories as they’re developing. In even small bits, you have the opportunity get a an even fuller and more transparent view of things.

But with great power and opportunity comes great responsibility. We take that seriously and should have done better and will.

There is a lesson here for all of us-

When in doubt, quote Spiderman.

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