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Hi there fellow Blenders,

Just a collection of odds and ends I stumbled across while surfing through news sites.  Emphasis on the "odds".

1.  The government is getting screwed on it's penis pump purchases, paying $450 each for the same penis pump you and I (well, maybe just I) buy on-line for $108.

2.  The most watched 6 PM newscast in San Francisco?  Español.  Quick, someone get some smelling salts to Lou Dobbs and the entire Republican presidential candidate lineup!

3.  A headline you don't see every day: "Guns, porn oust priest".  Well, the porn part – yeah, but guns? 

4. What . is . with . all . the . women . teachers . boinking . their . students?

5.  Good news, bad news dept.   The good news – A Mass. man won $1 million in the Lotto.  The bad news – his parole terms specifically prohibited him from playing lotto, and he may go back to prison sans the winnings.


6.  Finally, there is this fellow who has been found guilty of having sex with his bicycle, and now has to register as a sex offender, after a hotel cleaning crew let themselves into his room and found him "pleasuring" his bike.



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Paul In SF

Paul In SF