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In Vegas again

It seems like I was just here. Oh, yeah, I was, for BlogWorld. Oy, I’m still kind of sore and out of it after the ER visit Tuesday; I slept very hard on the plane just now. Definitely not 100%.

This time, I’m at the International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference, which offers an opportunity for openly LGBT elected and appointed officials and community leaders from around the country to connect and mix with national pols and leaders in the community. It also serves as a training ground, learning strategy on how to run openly without being a single-issue candidate.

Obviously one’s orientation is relevant in breaking down barriers of discrimination, but an equally important task is maintaining a campaign’s  focus on the quality of life issues that matter to everyone — like getting potholes fixed, crime, education, and dealing with the nuts and bolts of governing. People here learn how to engage with the media, non-profits, institutions and voters to  pave the way for even more people to run and serve  their communities out and proud.

The panel I’m on is “LGBT Leaders and the Media” (9:30 AM, Fri). The other panelists:

Steven Fisher, vice president, Logo

Kevin Naff, editor, The Washington Blade

Gail Shister, staff writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Neil Giuliano,  president of GLAAD will moderate.

Are LGBT leaders adequately leveraging local and national media coverage?

How can media messaging and strategy work to change the debate?

Some topics that should come up…

* New Media/Netroots and its effect on political debate, as well as the limitations of influence.

* How to reach audiences using the tools of the ‘Net.

* How candidates can respond to gay baiting.

* Avoiding the trap of being pigeonholed as the “gay candidate”

* What role blogs play and how do candidates interact with the blogosphere to benefit their  campaign.

* How candidates should work with the LGBT press

* Visibility of partners in political races.

I’ll have pix, and some audio and video from the conference up later. I head back home on Saturday.


* 2006:  Wrap-up on the International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference (Houston)

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Pam Spaulding