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2055145300_133f832a71_m.jpgAnd then there’s this:

During the November 28 CNN special Campaign Killers: Why Do Negative Ads Work?, CNN anchor Campbell Brown said: “General David Petraeus made his reputation taking on insurgents in Iraq. But when he came to Capitol Hill in September, he was confronted by American insurgents, a liberal anti-war group called”

Brown also asserted that a advertisement headlined “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” “became a huge news story because it questioned the loyalty of a wartime commander, implying he was a traitor.”

I group such wingnut blather that issues forth from reporters into two categories: (1) things they say because they’re just repeating what conventional wisdom is in their circles, and (2) bullshit they know to be untrue but don’t defy because that’s the price of membership to the club.

Nobody thought this was a “huge news story” until Karl Rove and other GOP operatives sat down with their little speed dialers and began pressing journalists to “care” about it. So Mrs. Dan Senor is either out of the loop and indulging in (1), or just passing on horseshit because she doesn’t want to blow her membership card in (2).

I’m guessing (2).

Just as a side note — for folks who wonder to themselves, “what would Joe Klein say?” — Klein was one of the first journalists to start screeching about MoveOn.

Not that the GOP considers him an easy mark or anything.

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