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700 Club: I-35 can cure homosexuality

I simply don’t understand these “Christian” extremists — some of them are seriously unbalanced by ANY stretch of the imagination. Their worldview can be so bizarre that it’s hard to believe they think they believe they should be taken seriously by anyone outside their bubble.

Take this unhinged story (h/t, Right Wing Watch) about the alleged super secret government plan to create a North American Union, starting with the demonic Interstate 35, they believe is the conduit for an intense invasion of the U.S. of the Brown Menace. That conspiracy theory isn’t shared by all wingers, however. The fundie wing sees this superhighway as an salvation opportunity — a chance to save homos. I kid you not.

What if the yellow cloud surrounding I-35 isn’t an “invasion” from Mexico but an “invasion” of God? That, apparently, is the theory of the youth-oriented church activists profiled on yesterday’s “700 Club, who are running “purity sieges” at clinics and porn shops, where they claim to be “moving angels and demons” by, for example, “setting  free” an inebriated young man from “the desires to be with men” through the laying of hands at a gay bar.

Check out the video from the 700 Club, describing a “prophecy that is being fulfilled through the interstate highway system,”  with a “youth-oriented group harnessing the power of I-35 to ‘heal’ gays.”

The General has written Prophet Cindy Jacobs of the I-35 “Highway of Holiness” Initiative. It’s worth the click. A snippet:

Dear Prophet Cindy,

I’m hearing nothing but good things about your I-35 Initiative. Your prayer warriors are storming houses of pornography all along the interstate and forcing the resident demons to submit to domination by the Master. Strapping young Christian men are invading homosexual bars, laying their hands upon the patrons, and making them scream Jesus’ name in ecstasy. Truly, we are witnessing the fulfillment Isaiah’s prophecy that “a highway will be there, it will be called the way of holiness.”

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