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John Aravosis just got thrown under the bus by the Senate

That is right people the great defender of Transgender rights just got thrown under the bus with the hate-crime bill and he isn't happy.

This is looking very much like the ENDA debacle where, suddenly, everyone was surprised that adding "gender identity" (e.g., transsexuals, cross dressers) was somehow a controversial notion. Like no one thought it might be controversial before the brouhaha?

And a final PS. The bill is already passed in the House as a free-standing bill, and it's already been passed as part of the defense bill in the Senate. That means that the real issue here is whether the Dems have the courage to keep the hate crimes provisions in the House-Senate conference report (i.e., after they reconcile the House and Senate versions of the defense bill). The Dems run the House and Senate, so if it drops from the conference report, it means that senior Dems agreed to drop it. Just remember that.

 What the matter Johnny boy you do not like that it happen to your group? I thought the votes just weren't there? Why are you upset and why are you being selfish to the troops? I mean think of all those troops who will be hurt by this actions. 

Honestly I hate to see this happen to anyone, but it just goes to show the gays can be just as selfish as we Transgender would be. We were told by them if they passed ENDA it would be thrown onto a bill just the same as the hate-crime bill, but now that is even having trouble and the Republicans have threaten it, but instead of realizing it is political reality the people over there seem to think that it is ok. Yes this is the same John that tried to make a point of throwing us Transgender people out of the community because of standing up for our rights to work.

Your argument boils down to the assertion that America really does accept transgendered people far more than I'm willing to realize and therefore we'd have no problem passing a trans-inclusive ENDA. Great. I'm game. Show me the votes. Show me that you have the votes to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA, that the bill won't go down in flames, that Democrats won't be forced en masse to vote in favor of some hideously anti-trans amendment lest they lose their jobs next election, and I'm there for you. You think this is some easy game, that we actually have the votes, but some of us simply don't like you and find you icky and that's why we're concerned. Fine, then I'll call your bluff. I adore you. Now prove to me that you have the votes to pass ENDA and that your strategy won't kill this legislation for the next two decades, and you have my support. You have two weeks, which should be ample time considering all of us are lying about there not being enough votes to pass ENDA with trans inclusion.


 Some Republicans apparently just find the Gays icky. Prove you have the votes John otherwise why harm the troop. It isn't fun now that the shoe is on the other foot is it? So who is being selfish now? 

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