29 Nov 2007

Late Late Nite: The Rescue

Video by SNPS Brian ShajariLooks like the perfect storm, doesn’t it? This post is in honor of Old Coastie’s success in helping to save California from election fraud.Repubs know they can’t win a fair presidential race in ’08, so they were trying to siphon off part of the CA electoral votes.

29 Nov 2007

Wilkes Gets His Subpoenas

Whooboy. It must be Dukestir day. Seth Hettena reports that Judge Burns just signed off on Wilkes’ subpoenas.

No wonder Judge Burns is pissed. Carolyn Delaney, the federalprosecutor in Sacramento who was given the task of investigating thepre-trial leak in the Brent Wilkes case, has filed a declarationindicating what steps she failed to take to find out the nothing shedidn’t bother to learn.

Here’s what Delaney says:

After reviewing the foregoing materials, I concludedthat

29 Nov 2007

Late Nite FDL: Was the Showdown in Ashcroft’s Hospital Room Over Internet Spying?

I have always believed that a guy like Jim Comey was not going to stage a mass resignation over some small disagreement involving a slight parsing of words. Nor do I think he is the sort to substitute his own policy judgements for that of an elected president.

Nope, I have always believed that the showdown had to be over some black and white, “plain meaning” issue related to either a statute

29 Nov 2007

Hillary Leaves Off The T

This is what Hillary Clinton’s campaign put out as a press release today: New Poll Shows Hillary Leading Among LGB Voters In a new survey released by Hunter College, Hillary Clinton leads all Democratic candidates in support among lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) Americans. According to the poll, Hillary leads

29 Nov 2007

Pre-Friday Not-So-Random Ten

We’re on our way out to go see Aimee Mann’s 2nd Annual Christmas Show at the Belly Up, and because I think that Ms. Mann is probably the best female songwriter working these days (and this isn’t to say that Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Tori Amos, and others aren’t working these days.

29 Nov 2007

When the Sewage Seeps In

If it weren’t already crystal clear that the right-wing approach to the immigration debate has had the effect of infusing movement conservatism with the toxic sewage of the racist right — all the way to the highest levels — last night’s GOP presidential debate drove the point home rather vividly.Rick Perlstein surveyed the damage and acidly observed:The Republican YouTube debate was an astonishment.

29 Nov 2007

Thursday Basset Blogging

All Sleep Edition. As if there were All Running or All Obeying Commands Editions.

Yes. Basset penis. Just try finding that on the A-list blogs.
(Click to enlarge if you dare)

29 Nov 2007

John Aravosis just got thrown under the bus by the Senate

That is right people the great defender of Transgender rights just got thrown under the bus with the hate-crime bill and he isn't happy.  http://www.americablog.com/2007/11/hate-crimes-bill-is-now-in-jeopardy.html This is looking very much like the ENDA debacle where, suddenly, everyone was surprised that adding "gender identity" (e.g., transsexuals, cross dressers) was somehow a

29 Nov 2007

Rudy used NYPD as mistress's 'personal taxi service'

OMG. What will Pat Robertson have to say about this development, as the man he just endorsed for prez not only wasted taxpayer funds to cart his then-mistress, now-spouse Judith Nathan around, but Rudy may be in big legal hot water. (ABC’s The Blotter, via Atrios): “She used the PD

29 Nov 2007

Tommy K and the Shitpile

I’m still trying to sort through what it might mean that, after signing an unlikely plea agreement with the government, Duke Cunningham briber Tommy K has continued to engage in mortgage fraud, at the expense of the company most deeply buried in the shitpile, Washington Mutual (WaMu).

But let’s start with the description John Michael’s lawyers gave of Tommy K’s method.

Kontogiannis would have a loan application prepared in the name of a