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A select portrait of some of the 12,000 WGA members currently on strike.  “”Who’s On The Line” features interviews with screenwriters Michael Tabb, Wendy Mericle, Zack Stratis, Monica Henderson, Matthew Goodman and Damon Lindelof.”  (via UnitedHollywood)

We all do it. 

You watch a movie, a line sticks with you as so memorable, so applicable to some aspect of your life, that you adopt it as your own.  One of my faves:  “Morons.  Your bus is leaving.” from Groundhog Day.  Unfortunately applicable pretty much every day as I read the news.  But there are so many others.  As I type this, I could sit here and list my favorite lines from movies or shows for quite a while…and I bet you could as well.

Art, when done well, pulls at you both emotionally and intellectually.  And when it hits you at a gut level, you remember it.  Sometimes forever.

Those lines don’t just appear on the page on their own.  They come from writers with a gift for saying precisely the things we are feeling in a way that is both memorable and meaningful.  Good writing is very difficult — and ought to be compensated fairly because it brings added value to the table.  Especially in the case of shows which get after-market bounces of revenue from DVD sales, or where the writing is used for promotional materials that give added oomph and buzz to marketing strategies, thereby raising prospects of increased advertising sales and long-term sales value for syndication.

The suits get a lot of value from the writers, and the writers deserve respect and payment for that value in return.  It is that simple.

A reminder for all our NYC-area readers, there is a solidarity rally today for the WGA-East:


Tuesday, November 27th – WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK
12:00 NOON – 1:30 PM

The more folks they have out in support, the better. So if you have the time and the transportation, please try to get there. 

— United Hollywood has several updates.  And even more updates here.  And Defamer has more as well.

Via skippy, I found these great Speechless videos in support of the WGA.  This one is my particular fave.

Hollywood Interrupted has a virtual picket line going.

— And Nikki Finke is reporting that the talks between the WGA and the studios are positive, thus far, but no deal inked as of last night.

UPDATE:  I meant to add in a link to a Hollywood Reporter update on the negotiations as well.

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