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John Laesch, Dennis Hastert and The Future of IL-14

johnlaesch.jpg(IL-14 candidate John Laesch joins us today in the comments, he’ll be running on February 5 in a special primary election to replace Dennis Hastert — jh)

Blue America candidate John Laesch is running for Dennis Hastert’s seat. Howie Klein gives us the rundown:

The on again, off again resignation of ex-House Speaker Denny Hastert is… on again. As of 10:59 pm he’ll be ex-Congressman Hastert.

Hastert said he did so on the advice of attorneys with the aim that a special primary election to replace him could be held on Feb. 5 — the same day as the state’s regular primary election, which will decide nominees for Hastert’s long-term replacement as well.

That will be useful for Democrats who expect a large and enthusiastic turnout, not just for home state hero, Senator Barack Obama, for an overall Democratic presidential field that most rank and file Democrats are extremely high on. There are 4 Republicans– Chris Lauzen, Jim Oberweis, Kevin Burns and Michael Dilger — and 4 Democrats — John Laesch, Jotham Stein, Blue Dog Bill Foster, and Joe Serra– are vying to take his place.

John Laesch is the progressive, grassroots candidate in this race and he is poised to turn another red district bright blue. Rahm Emanuel and the forces of reaction within the Democratic Insider Establishment are pushing for NAFTA-supporter xenophobe Blue Dog Bill Foster, who promises to embody everything that has been wrong with the Democratically controlled Congress this year. John, on the other hand, is a candidate who will effectively revamp the progressive movement in Congress.

Please welcome John in the comments.

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