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Is It Deceit? — A Third Look

The Whittier Daily News reported in its article Transgender student elected king that Andrew Gomez was elected Homecoming King at Pasadena City College. No big deal you say? Well, Andrew is a transman.

Andrew’s candidacy was challenged…

PCC’s homecoming committee initially ruled Gomez ineligible because of his pierced ear.

But after students complained, lodging charges of discrimination, the committee relented and reversed its decision. Gomez said his election earlier this month as Homecoming King surprised him, even though he initially ran hoping to become a source of inspiration for other gay, lesbian and transgender students.

“I wanted them to feel like they could do something like this, instead of having them feel, `I am not straight so I can’t do this,”‘ Gomez said.

When Tony Covarrubias ran for prom king in Fresno earlier this year and didn’t win the title, Focus On The Family’s CitizenLink titled an article Girl Who Sought to Be Prom King Loses, and the Freepers ran an article with the title “Shemale Runs For Prom King.

When three weeks later a Fresno trans girl wins prom crown — when Chrystal Vera won the Prom Queen title at Fresno’s Roosevelt High School — (Jack T.) Chick Publications wrote a piece entitled Court: Women’s Restroom Okay for ‘Transgendered’ Men, where they wrote:

The sodomite indoctrination in our schools and work places is having some “unintended consequences.” A Pennsylvania court has “opened the door for men, who believe they are women, to come to work in a dress and use the women’s restroom and shower facilities,” according to The Wanderer, a conservative Catholic weekly.

Gay BladeIn a Fresno, California high school, a female “transgender” student ran for prom king and lost, but a male “trans” ran for prom queen and won. He is also on the cheerleader squad and stands 6 foot 4 inches in his high heels.

…Our only defense, and the only hope for America, is a revival of Bible-based morality. For that to happen, the rebel hearts must be changed, one at a time.

Soul winners, we need to step up our witnessing. We need to counter the lies of Satan with Gospel Truth. If we haven’t time to speak to someone about the Lord, we can always give him a tract, or leave one where someone will find it.

Apparently, identifying as transgender equates to identifying as a deceiver… a sodomite. And, “we” have to tie the deceit to the bathroom — of course.  It’s always the bathroom when it comes to transgender people, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to see what’s written about Andrew Gomez. Well, actually, I can wait — my heart is with him, as I’m sure they’ll be some vitriol.

And as a final side note, please don’t send me any gospel tracts, especially if it should come from Chick Publications. Somehow I won’t feel the love of God when I’m lambasted as a sodomite and one of Satan’s liars.


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