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Dennis Prager: it’s not the world that hates America. It’s “the Left.”

DP has it all figured out. Despite what the leftist media says, America has never been more beloved than we are right now.

One of the most widely held beliefs in the contemporary world — so widely held it is not disputed — is that, with few exceptions, the world hates America. One of the Democrats’ major accusations against the Bush administration is that it has increased hatred of America to unprecedented levels. And in many polls, the United States is held to be among the greatest obstacles to world peace and harmony.

But it is not true that the world hates America. It is the world’s left that hates America. However, because the left dominates the world’s news media and because most people, understandably, believe what the news media report, many people, including Americans, believe that the world hates America.

Hmmm. If most people around the world aren’t left and love America, then why would they believe the leftist media, which so transparently hates America? I’m confused.

Take Western Europe, which is widely regarded as holding America in contempt, but upon examination only validates our thesis. The French, for example, are regarded as particularly America-hating, but if this were so, how does one explain the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France? Sarkozy loves America and was known to love America when he ran for president. Evidently, it is the left in France — a left that, like the left in America, dominates the media, arts, universities and unions — that hates the U.S., not the French.

OK, lemme get this straight. The leftist media campaigns against Sarkozy because he loves America, check. Most people believe the lies of the leftist media, check. Sarkozy wins the election. My head hurts.

It makes perfect sense that the left around the world loathes America. The final question, then, is whether this loathing of America is characteristic of the American left as well. The answer is that the American left hates the America that believes in American exceptionalism, is prepared to use force to fight what it deems as dangerous evil, affirms the Judeo-Christian value system, believes in the death penalty, supports male-female marriage, rejects big government, wants lower taxes, prefers free market to governmental solutions, etc. The American left, like the rest of the world’s left, loathes that America.

So what America does the American left love?

That’s sooooo easy! We love abortion, the New York Times, burning flags, socialism, trees and Islamofascist gay porn. Did I leave anything out?

Incredibly, DP’s is quite right about one thing. Though we’ve become a lot more unpopular recently, the world really doesn’t hate America. Like two-thirds of Americans, it just hates Bush.

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