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YouTube question on religion-based bigotry, constitutional rights, and a Duncan Hunter laff fest

Out gay businessman — and former major league baseball player — Billy Bean submitted a video for the November 28 CNN/YouTube GOP presidential debate. He asks the candidates whether the Republican Party will cease using religion-based bigotry against LGBT Americans.

Hello, my name is Billy Bean. I’m a partner in a successful business in Miami, I vote, I pay taxes, and I’m involved in a few philanthropic organizations. I also happen to be gay. Over the years, factions of the Republican party seemed to have fully embraced religion-based bigotry and discrimination against the GLBT community as a way to win elections. Will you discourage people from using their religious beliefs as a way to justify discrimination against citizens like me?


Bonus: While surfing the YouTube debate site, I came across this dead serious, low-rent effort from Duncan Hunter — he puts out an appeal to Freepers, WingNutDaily denizens, Clown Hall readers and the devotees of Michelle Malkin to push him over the top for the nomination.

For your amusement…

Bonus #2: Here’s a brilliant move by Dem presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd, who submitted his own video with a question for the GOP clown car about what they plan to do to restore the Constitution, since the Bush Administration’s has tried to sell the false choice of security vs. giving up individual rights.

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